About Us

BlogDog and BloggerRegistry are services of Customer Experience Partners, LLC, a consultancy dedicated to improving the experience of customers in all environments.

BlogDog and BloggerRegistry are two related websites serving two different yet interdependent groups: Bloggers and Blog-Readers. We created these sites after being surprised by our discovery that some Bloggers earn considerable amounts of money through payments, samples, and advertising offered by companies and manufacturers who produce goods and services the Bloggers may comment about.


Many Bloggers do not allow the monies they receive to influence the opinions they post on their Blogs. And, in 2009, the Federal Trade Commission issued a mandate that all Bloggers should disclose on their site if they accept payments, merchandise and advertising. However, it is difficult for Blog-Readers to find this information – when it is posted. And, many Bloggers may be uncertain about how exactly to create the disclosure.

By registering on BloggerRegisty.com and displaying the BloggerRegistry badge on their website, Bloggers inform their followers of their impartiality and earn their continued trust.

BloggerRegistry offers Bloggers an easy process with which to register their Blogs and to report any assistance they receive from manufacturers. Bloggers are given the opportunity to assure readers that their opinions are free from bias and that any samples or advertising they may accept do not influence their recommendations and observations. Registration on BloggerRegistry should be updated regularly to show that all disclosures are current.


The companion website, BlogDog allows Blog-Readers an easily accessible resource with which to quickly determine the documentable impartiality of any website they may follow. By examining the disclosure statements Bloggers have made during their registration, Blog-readers can be assured that the opinions and recommendations they are reading are accurate, honest and free from any manipulation by manufacturers. If a Blogger does receive samples, payments or advertising from within the category about which they Blog, BlogDog gives the Blogger the opportunity to swear that his/her opinions are not at all influenced by these privileges.

BlogDog allows a Blog reader to review that status of any single Blog. It also allows a Blog reader to request a listing of blogs, within any given content category, which are conflict free.

The principal managers of BlogDog and BloggerRegistry are Terry Vavra and Doug Pruden.

BlogDog.com is a free service provided by Customer Experience Partners, LLC.