Our Disclosure

BloggerRegistry and BlogDog are services of Customer Experience Partners, LLC. The sites are provided to the blogging community as a way for Bloggers to disclose any potential conflicts of interest they face and for Blog-Readers to have access to a simple source for that information. BloggerRegistry, in our opinion, satisfies the requirement of disclosure as stipulated by the FTC, by providing the information required at a single, related site. It is easily accessible for Blog-Readers by a "hot-link" from the Blogger's Blog. The disclosure information is offered to Blog-Readers in a clear, standardized, easy to comprehend format.

BloggerRegistry and BlogDog do not take a position on whether Blogs should or should not receive financial support, but rather seek to provide transparency and clarity. For the future integrity of blogging it is absolutely critical that Blog-Readers understand any potential conflicts of interest that might be influencing the content of the blogs they read. At the same time it is similarly important for Bloggers and Blogs to openly announce their status.

We believe it is important to give Bloggers who receive corporate compensation the opportunity to openly acknowledge that fact and to swear that support does not have the potential to influence the content that they present.

BloggerRegistry.com and BlogDog.com make no guarantees, implied or otherwise as to the accuracy of the information posted on this site. The information is made available as a service to those curious about potential conflicts of interest in Bloggers' postings on the Internet. Bloggers and Blog owners self-register and the information they supply is accepted at face value. Customer Experience Partners, LLC offers this information as a free service to Bloggers and to Blog readers. We cannot be held responsible for damages incurred by accepting the information on any registered Blog-site. Blog-Readers taking action on any and all information posted on these websites do so at their own risk.

Bloggers who wish to testify to the marketing community as to their unbiased operation are invited to list themselves with BloggerRegistry. Their answers to our classification questions will be made available to all Blog-Readers through our companion, BlogDog website.

Customer Experience Partners, LLC warns registering Bloggers that misrepresentation of their status and operating principles violates the oath they swear to upon registering with BloggerRegistry.com.

BlogDog.com is a free service provided by Customer Experience Partners, LLC.