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Helping Bloggers Become More Transparent

Some Bloggers accept expensive and frequent free samples from the corporations whose products they review. Some Bloggers may be sponsored by a corporation. But other Bloggers may be so independent that they refuse to accept any support that might appear to influence their opinions and product reviews. Still other Bloggers accept corporate support but are willing to pledge that it doesn't influence their writing. There is nothing wrong or unethical about any of these arrangements — as long as Blog–readers understand what Bloggers are receiving and Blogger's willingness to maintain objectivity. It's all about disclosing any affiliations or sponsorships to help Blog–readers make informed decisions about how much trust they wish to place in each Blogger they follow. Registering with BlogDog.com provides Blog–readers with any easy–to–understand disclosure.

Helping Bloggers Comply with the FTC Disclosure Act

The Federal Trade Commission modified its Endorsement Guidelines in 2009 to include the Social Media, and Bloggers in particular. (READ MORE) But, they didn't provide an easy way for Bloggers to demonstrate their compliance with the Guidelines. And, some Bloggers have simply ignored that toothless decree. While other Bloggers may have tried to comply, they've done so with disclosure statements that are hard to find and/or written in so much legalese they're almost impossible to understand. Registering with BlogDog.com helps Bloggers easily comply with the new Guidelines.

Helping Bloggers gain added visibility for their Blogs

All Blogs registered with BlogDog.com become easily findable through a name or category search process. Each Blog is identified with its own BlogDog.com Trust Level providing Blog–readers with a quick, consistent, and easy way to compare Blogs within a category. Registering with BlogDog.com lists your Blog so that current and potential Blog–readers can easily find you.

Please register your Blog(s) and encourage your fellow Bloggers to do the same. There's no charge. It takes just a couple of minutes. And it will help to dramatically increase readers' trust in the blogosphere.

Customer Experience Partners reserves the rights to accept or deny any Blog site attempting to register with BloggerRegistery.com.