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The Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guidelines and What They Mean for Blogging

In 2009 the FTC held hearings inviting members of the public and representatives of Social Media to comment on the state of Endorsements and Testimonials as practiced in the "new media". As a result, the Commission issued revised Endorsement Guidelines which it believed were more current and covered more opportunities afforded by the new communication channels.

Because Bloggers' product recommendations and reviews are regarded as “endorsements” they fall under this Regulation. It's important for all Bloggers to know about the Guidelines and to show their readers they are complying with the directives of the Guidelines.

Registering your Blog with BlogDog.com makes compliance easy for you and keeps the disclosure information linked to your Blog for easy reference by your Blog–readers.

Read our Interpretation of the Endorsement Guidelines and Their Impact on Blogging

We offer you our interpretation of the FTC Guidelines and give you some suggestions about how to follow them and what you should do differently in the future on your Blog.

Customer Experience Partners reserves the rights to accept or deny any Blog site attempting to register with BloggerRegistery.com.